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Somewhere in the depths of a vast, wild and green forest lives Pompik the bison. Actually one should call him a little bison, because Pompik is much smaller than any other bison. Not even mentioning that he is weaker, slower and not so agile as the others. He is not a perfect match for traditional bison games like horn pushing, scrimmage in the bushes or bison tag. Instead, he has other interests. Pompik is the most curious animal in the entire forest.

CATEGORY: animated series DIRECTOR: Wiesław Zięba, Andrzej Piotr Morawski, Alex Vetter, Paweł Garbacz, Paweł Dębski, Maciej Kur SCRIPTWRITER: Tomasz Samojlik, Ewelina Gordziejuk ILLUSTRATION: Tomasz Samojlik, Alex Vtter PROJECT STATUS: 1st ready, 2nd season in production FORMAT: 26 episodes x 7 minutes PRODUCTION: EGoFILM Ewelina Gordzejuk CO-PRODUCTION: Paris + Hendzel Co., Fumi Studio, Fina (Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny), TVP S.A. CO-FINANCED BY Polish Film Institute