Tales of Tappi The Viking

Tv Series

In the wonderful, magical Whispering Forest, which stretches along the banks of the Ice Gulf lives Viking Tappi. He is not a true Viking, because neither his head brandishing a sword. His greatest weapon is a smile, kindness and ingenuity.

Tappi is in fact a defender of Whispering Forest and all its inhabitants. He will not allow anyone to get hurt and he is ready to help anyone who is in trouble.

CATEGORY: animated series DIRECTOR: Andrzej Piotr Morawski, Tessa Moult-Milewska, Łukasz Kacprowicz Marian Cholerek, Marcin Graj, Ewa Borysewicz, Maciej Kur, Marcin Podolec, Kacper Zamarło SCRIPTWRITER: Marcin Mortka, Marcin Graj ILLUSTRATION: Marta Sieczak, Marta Kurczewska, Agnieszka Czachór PROJECT STATUS: in production FORMAT: 13 episodes x 11 minutes PRODUCTION: EGoFILM Ewelina Gordziejuk CO-PRODUCTION: Paris + Hendzel Co. CO-FINANCED BY: Polish Film Institute