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Kitty Cat

Tv Series


A clever cat, the main character, together with her understanding owners and three faithful friends bravely discover the world, learning vital rules and patterns of daily life. Her adventures, presented in this production, reflect everyday life of children and show their typical behaviour. The world presented here is full of warmth, revealing joys and worries of daily life.

CATEGORY: animated series

DIRECTOR: Marta Stróżycka

SCRIPTWRITER: Anita Głowińska,

BASED ON: book series “Kicia Kocia” by Anita Głowińska


ILLUSTRATION: Anita Głowińska

PROJECT STATUS: in production

FORMAT: 26 episodes x 7 minutes

PRODUCTION: EGoFILM Ewelina Gordziejuk

CO-PRODUCTION: Paris + Hendzel Co.

CO-FINANCED BY: Polish Film Institute

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