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The Tiny Kingdom of Princess Aurelia

Tv Series

Who wouldn’t like to be a princess? Or a prince! To walk around a palace in a crown giving orders and sit on a throne! No duties just pleasure. But is this really what a life of a princess looks like?! What if the crown doesn’t fit, the thrown is uncomfortable and the most beautiful dress in the world feels tight right under one’s arms? And as if that weren’t enough a self- absorbed prince shows up under the tower. His name is longer than a giraffe’s neck. And an orange dragon comes out of the bushes eating candy. How is one little Aurelia supposed to deal with all this. But one will find a way of any trouble as long as one’s got courage a sense of humour and the strength of one’s convictions. A wise Yaga with Baba the cat can also come in handy.

CATEGORY: animated series
DIRECTOR: Marta Stróżycka
SCRIPTWRITER: Roksana Jędrzejewska
PROJECT STATUS: in development
FORMAT: 13 episodes x 7 minutes
CO-PRODUCTION: Paris + Hendzel Co.
CO-FINANCED BY: Polish Film Institute