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The Shrew of Destiny


Shrews are small, lovely and always hungry mammals… which Happen to have some epic adventures! When dark shadow is cast upon the Valley of Shrews an old prophecy is remembered: the Great Enemy, destroyer of all life in the forest will bring doom to all shrews. But there is also an optimistic part of the legend – the shrew of destiny will come to aid its tribe in the darkest hour. But what if the chosen one turns out to be the smallest, weakest and honestly not-so-bright shrew?

Category: feature animation
Director: Marcin Wasilewski
Assistant Director: Jacek Rokosz
Scriptwriter: Tomasz Samojlik, Maciej Kur
Based on comic books “The Shrew of Destiny” by Tomasz Samojlik
Illustration: Tomasz Samojlik, Marta Sieczak, Agnieszka Czachór
Poject status: in development
Format: 75 minutes
Production: EGoFILM Ewelina Gordziejuk
Co-production: Grupa Smacznego, Paris+Hendzel Co.,
Co-financed by: Polish Film Institute