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Asiunia and her lucky father


“Asiunia and her lucky father” is a story of a little girl for whom the war was started just after her fifth birthday, when one night her mother and her home disappeared. She had to go to sleep In strangers’ house, where there was no mum, but some unknown lady, unknown furniture and you had to drink milk from strange mug instead of the one you’ve been used to.

CATEGORY: short film DIRECTOR: Tamas Ducki VISUAL DEVELOPMENT: Maciej Szymanowicz  SCRIPTWRITER:  Rafał  Skarżycki SCRIPT COOPERATION : Łukasz Maciejewski BASED ON: books “Asiunia” and “Asiunia and her lucky father” by Joanna Papuzińska PROJECT STATUS: in production  FORMAT: 20 minutes PRODUCTION: EGoFILM Ewelina Gordziejuk, CO-PRODUCTION: Paris + Hendzel Co. CO-FINANCED BY:  Polish Film Institute PARTNERS: The Warsaw Rising Museum