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The Green Wanderer


The Green Wanderer is a fairy-like, humorous and dynamic story about diversity of the world and being different. It’s about the power of dreams and the power of friendship. But first of all it’s about tolerance and xenophobia. About OTHERNESS being a relative category. The Green Creature wanders through full of colour yet monochromatic wonderlands, searching for the green river of its dreams. In each of the wonderlands, its otherness is perceived differently. In his native, grey Creatureland he arouses fear and suspicion, in a different land he is being threatened to be repainted. However in the green land the Creature is suddenly no different, he is just like everyone else around. When he wanders back to the grey Creatureland, the green wanderer tells a story about the colourful world, and this story makes the Creatureland turn into a colourful land.

CATEGORY: feature animation DIRECTOR: Jarosaw Kilian, ANIMATION DIRECTED BY: Tamás Ducki SCRIPTWRITER: Liliana Bardijewska ILLUSTRATION: Adam Kilian, Tamás Ducki, Gina Marie Thornstensen PROJECT STATUS: in development FORMAT: 75 minutes PRODUCTION: Paris + Hendzel Co. CO-PRODUCTION: EGoFILM Ewelina Gordziejuk CO-FINANCED BY: Polish Film Institute